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Crowdsourcing risk and impact data at the origin of supply chains



Our perception of challenges in conflict-affected and high-risk areas, and more generally in any distant geography, is constructed by a handful of intermediaries. Subjectivity and data silos are a source of uncertainty and complicate decision-making for customers, investors, governments and even communities themselves, whose life is transcribed by foreign "experts".

At betterchain, we believe that all necessary communication tools now exist for distant stakeholders to share their own version of the story. Besides, increasing the number of its sources makes any piece of information more valuable. Thus we assist holders of geolocated knowledge with getting their own voice heard.

In turn, we provide better-informed risk management and impact measurement solutions for all interested parties. This is particularly relevant as part of investment and supply chain due diligence.

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Unlocking value from underutilized local knowledge

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     DUE DILIGENCE         

A Standard for Data Provision

Consolidated Autonomous Due Diligence (CADD) is a public, open-source framework we develop to organize and compile information available to any stakeholder in resource-rich countries. Standardized data helps raw material producers in their compliance strategy and align global reporting on provenance risk and supply chain impact.

At this point in time, the CADD framework is primarily intended for risk management and community feedback in the mining and mineral trade sector.

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A Bridge to Consumers

Our Origin Discovery (ODi) mechanism is the first scalable solution for consumer-facing brands to identify the provenance of raw materials contained in their products and manage their social and environmental footprint in fragile geographies.


High-profile companies are increasingly exposed to risk related to the conditions of extraction, production and recycling of materials, which they fail to mitigate due to the complexity of global supply chains.

Several ODi implementations are underway.

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Boundless Feedback

The Datastake platform revolutionizes sharing of, and access to information in remote geographies, where risk and opportunities are hard to monitor. It helps local businesses and NGOs organise their data and raise their profile.

While betterchain curates the network, data will eventually become traded directly between holders and users.


Datastake allows users to identify local sources of information on a given subject or query any location for first-party observational data, eliminating the need for costly and subjective third-parties.





Connecting Data Market Participants

betterchain works with parties on both ends of the data trade.


  • We capacitate local data holders (such as companies, community-based organizations and NGOs) towards improved, even monetizable reporting

  • We assist supply chain participants with CADD implementation to meet due diligence compliance obligations

  • We support frontier market investors and consumer-side companies in their access to measurable performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • We engage with the international development industry to promote systematic community feedback as part of monitoring the impact of local interventions

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" Offering proof of a definite conflict free cobalt supply chain "

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Our team spent many years deploying systems in Central Africa to track resources, collect data, evaluate risk and identify responsible procurement opportunities. Our most important realization has been how different the local story is from the way it is perceived by distant stakeholders. Only the most terrible stories make headlines, which fuels a cycle of engagement discrimination and financial exclusion.  To break that cycle, we empower all holders of knowledge to market that information to those who need it.

It is still early in the process. You can be our witness.

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