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Project Analyst, Brussels


Project-based contract, involving 80 days of work. The role may evolve, and its scope be extended, based on project findings and other company activities.

Start Date: July / August 2020 or as soon as possible


Primary Location: Brussels, Belgium


Duration: 6 months (renewable subject to Project needs and funding)


Remuneration: Days of project work will be distributed to warrant a monthly total remuneration between 2 500 and 3 500 euros - based on profile and commensurate to your added value.


Application Process: Applicants should apply with a CV and a cover letter. Applications should be emailed to by 10 July and must include Project Analyst in the subject.

The Company


BetterChain is a supply chain innovation firm with ten years of experience in the Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining (ASM) and mineral trade sectors, particularly in Central Africa.


The company was created by experts in the design of due diligence programs and systems to assist community-based operations in their access to international markets, in compliance with global standards on responsible sourcing.

Our approach is built upon the following core principles:

  • Mining and mineral trade actors in resource-rich countries should be able to demonstrate their conformance to international regulation themselves, without systematic (costly) foreign intervention

  • Local stakeholders must control their narrative and be recognised as the primary holder of local knowledge; international requests for information / transparency should be directed to local organisations rather than (costly) international “experts”

  • All the information required in order to meet international expectations is readily available locally; what is needed is a set of (cost-effective) methods and systems to organise and report that information in a consistent manner

BetterChain has developed and supports the deployment of the Consolidated Autonomous Due Diligence (CADD) Framework, which facilitates homogenous information reporting by all supply chain stakeholders in Conflict-Affected & High-Risk Areas (CAHRA), such as DRC.

The CADD Framework consists of the following CADD Tools:

  • Standardised templates for information compilation

  • Guidelines for information collection and verification

  • Open-source registries to serve as a global classification system for non-standard information

  • Protocol to articulate stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities with regards to mineral supply chain due diligence

  • Systems for information collection, compilation, reporting and visualisation

The Project


BetterChain has been selected to deploy the CADD Framework in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of the USAID-funded Commercially Viable Conflict Free Gold (CVCFG) Program, which is implemented by US NGO Global Communities (GC).

The three primary objectives of the CVCFG Program are to:

  1. Increase co-investment in conflict-free traceable ASM gold from Eastern DRC

  2. Increase exports of conflict-free traceable ASM gold from Eastern DRC

  3. Improve the commercial viability of ASM gold Cooperatives


BetterChain’s intervention will directly contribute to objective 2, but also aims to supports objectives 1 and 3 by transforming the way information is managed in countries like DRC, and turn ASM into an attractive investment proposition.


The Role

The Project Analyst is in charge of supporting the coordination of local Project activities, through active engagement with the team in DR Congo, to facilitate Project reporting and communication activities. The role also involves managing and conducting key administrative, logistical and clerical tasks in support of BetterChain operations.


  • Organise and coordinate local activities implemented by the local Project team (incl. the local monitoring partner

  • Timely contract management, ensuring that the team meets the Project schedule and milestones

  • Monitor BetterChain’s delivery on its commitment with regards to budget and financial management

  • Seamless project logistics

  • Effective communication schedule to leverage and promote deliverables

  • Lean and efficient reporting, filing, accounting and banking


The below activities are subject to the evolving context of BetterChain operations and CVCFG requirements.


Coordinate Project activities and communication around them (70 %)

  • Country office liaison activities

    • Support the coordination of field activities (local partner roadmaps, data collection and compilation activities, local outreach and stakeholder engagement, etc.)

    • Collect daily updates on local staff activities

    • Contribute to the classification of information generated locally

  • Support any activities related to the project which can include

    • Local capacity building activities (development of training modules, design of roadmaps and training programs, etc.)

    • Establishment of a network of local information relays (LIR) by the local Project team (continuous communication, on-going technical assistance, reinforcement of the network, identification of additional LIRs – continuous process, etc)

    • Support to gold traceability system configuration and deployment in DRC

  • Market research:

    • Identification of providers, opportunities, partnerships, conferences and other relevant events: maintain an up to date database of market opportunities, etc.

  • Project communication:

    • Development and adjustment of Project presentations and other existing communication materials

    • Support activities with regards to website development

    • Participation to CVCFG consortium calls (if applicable)

  • Project Reporting

    • Support project reporting to partners and donors (incl. financial reporting)


Administrative support of Project activities and logistical management (30%)

  • General project administrative support:

    • Project contract management and resource allocation support

    • Filing

    • Translation of Project documents (French & English)

    • Community management and communication planning

    • Invoicing and payments

    • Human resources: process and regularly update personnel, payroll and job applicant records

    • Organising logistics for travel including flights, insurance etc.

    • Developing templates for administrative / financial follow-up (timesheet, etc) (if applicable)

    • Liaison with external accountants, lawyers, insurers and advisors to ensure appropriate implementation of BetterChain internal policies

    • Other clerical tasks

  • Local project administrative support:

    • Monitor local accounting and financial planning

    • Verify invoices and process corresponding payments

    • Monitor expenses against operational budget

  • Logistical Management

    • Support administrative and logistics arrangement for all Project activities


The Requirements: Your Experience and Qualifications

  • Based in Brussels (Belgium)

  • Bachelor’s Degree with five years of professional experiences or Master’s Degree with one / two years of professional experiences, preferably in either of the following sectors:

    • International development

    • Corporate Sustainability

    • ICT / Innovation

  • Project coordination experience

  • Good organisation, attention to detail

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Proactivity, self-motivation and ability to take initiatives, problem-solving oriented

  • I.T. skills including experience with productivity hacks and applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint), Mailchimp, Monday, Trello or similar-purpose alternatives

  • Demonstrated experience with accounting and financial management. You are open to the idea that poetry can be contained in spreadsheets. Almost.

  • Experience in Donor project reporting is a plus

  • Fluent in English and French (preferably native English speaker)


Non-conventional backgrounds welcome. We value creativity, resilience and attention to detail more than we care about names in your CV.